CISE Vision

Our Vision

Skilled and workable workforce creating for ceramics sector to increasing productivity and product development by providing our various activities. Ceramic Industry Skills Council (CISC) has started on 1st September 2015 with a lot of activities, to build-up skills and manpower development in ceramic sector around the country. CISC has taken a vital initiative to find out of existing manpower shortage and find out the main development area for unskilled manpower. Arranging training programs for all kind of manpower is regular practice, CISC always try to full-fill the gap of manpower shortage by skilled worker for every ceramic factory. For the continuing this activities , CISC will be start a Center of Excellence by the support of Government policy and factory owners of ceramics sector.

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Our Mission

  • Providing technical training.
  • Soft skills training.
  • Regular assessment.
  • Working activity monitoring.
  • Opportunity creating and job placement.
  • Problem identifying for decreasing productivity.
  • Skills up-gradation methodology providing.
  • Competency Standard establishment.
  • Assessment tools development.
  • Setting RTO.
  • Center of Excellence establishment.
  • Creating Assessor poll and trainer poll for every occupation of ceramic sectors.

CISC already completed successfully some activities. Such as

  • Apprenticeship Training Programs for 1400 apprentice worker, BSEP project by ILO.
  • Work Place learning programs in Great wall Ceramics Ltd and Artisan Ceramics ltd with apprenticeship trainee worker and factory supervisors.
  • Competency standards establishment for four occupations. These are 1.Glazing 2.Body & Glaze preparation 3.Forming 4.Decoration and printing.
  • Creating assessor poll by conducting assessor training programs, we have already sixty nine (69) Industry Assessors and eleven (11) number of Teacher’s Trainer based on four occupations.

Mandate Work

Ceramic ISC has been mandated by NSDC to prepare the National Occupational Standards & Qualification Packs for various job roles in the Ceramic sector. The CISC is in the process of conducting the functional and occupational mapping, standardizing the nomenclature for various job roles determining the future demand & developing the National Occupational Standards & Qualification Packs. A part from this the council is mandated to carry out the following activities:

  • Collecting information for creating Labor Market Information System (LMIS) to assist planning and delivery of training.
  • Develop an industry skill development plan for the Industry based on the National Policy on Ceramic Sector;
  • To implement the Apprenticeship program;
  • Maintain the list of assessors;
  • Conducting research on present and future demand of each occupation;
  • Developing skill competency standards and qualifications for upgrading youth/work force at par with the developed countries;
  • Establish linkages between training institutes and industries;
  • Plan and execute training of trainers;
  • Skills development for the existing employees through training and retraining;
  • Development of National Occupational Standards (NOS) customized for the several industry;
  • Standardization of affiliation and accreditation process & participation in the process;
  • Represent the entire sector home and abroad.
  • New technological development and complex technological problems solving systems finding practices.
  • Find out the easiest way of working system in the various types of ceramics factory.