About Us

Ceramic Industry Skills Council : At a Glance

Feature of CISC
Ceramic Industry Skills Council (CISC) is working for skill development of all types of worker, who are interested to work in any types of ceramic factory or already involved with the sector. We are providing various types of skill development training and promotional activities regularly to meet the necessary skill requirements to increase the productivity and quality of production. The Industry skills council always follow the instruction of National Skills Development Authority (NSDA).

Registration Date     : 01-09-2015
Size of the Board     : 8 Board of Directors, headed by President
Head of Secretariat     : COOto look after all activities
Work force     : Total 7 highly professional staffs

Objective of CISC is to :

  •    Develop productivity and capacity building.
  •    Secures man, machine, materials.
  •    Improves the rate of production.
  •    Saves machines longevity and wastage of materials.
  •    Makes a decent working environment.
  •    Minimize the understanding gap between employer and employee.
  •    Easy to categorize the skilled person.
  •    Sustainable qualitative production to survive in the competitive market.
  •    Easy to maintain/control break even analysis in the profitable target level.
  •    Adjust weaknesses specially mismatch between demand and supply of skills.
  •    Reduce the dependability on a single experienced worker.
  •    Develop a positive attitude of employees.
  •    Implement mandatory GOV.TVET policies to apply at ISC sector.
  •    Develop knowledge to apply in the production process.
  •    Increase sales rate inside the country and abroad.
  •    Introduce with modern technology to survive in the world competition market.
  •    Capacity buildup on research activities for the sector to face the market demand able challenges.
  •    Industries demand-oriented skill training and skill upgrading.
  •    An employer can identify easily level oriented skill worker for providing employment facilities.
  •    To achieve the goal of SDG and meet the country status as per vision 2021 also Contribution to the country‚Äôs GDP growth.