The Chairman Message

Shirajul Islam Mollah ,M.P

Md. Shirajul Islam Mollah
Chairman, CISC

Managing Director of Chaina-Bangla Ceramic Ind. Ltd.

It is my great pleasure to introduce the website of Bangladesh Ceramic Industry Skill Council (CISC).The ceramic ISC is now a great prospect to support the sector to improve the growth rate of production, by keeping decent working environment to face the competition market. Over the years the industry has flourished immensely. While it caters to 85 percent of the local demands, also exports quality ceramic products to international markets. The growth trend is an indication of the industry's potential to be one of the top foreign exchange earners of the country. Currently, more than 500,000 people are engaged in the local ceramics industry. CISC actively play the role to improve the production rate by providing skilled workforces to the sector. The CISC team surveyed the sector with the support of B-SEP, ILO and found more than 13000 of skill workforces are needed in the sector. CISC has taken several activities to face the skill gap in the sector. Regarding the skill gap CISC has taken active liaison with NSDA, BTEB, ILO and development organization. Recently CISC has performed several activities successfully and supported the sector perfectly.

CISC website has been created for all of our industry stakeholders, members, and well-wishers development partners that they can get all the necessary information’s to be benefited in the long run.

On behalf of the CISC Board of Directors, we hope your visit to our website in every now and then and provide us important information’s, valuable suggestions to keep the dignity of Ceramic Industry Skill Council (CISC).

Thank You

Md. Shirajul Islam Mollah