Our Services

Our Services.

CISC Services

  •    Monitor and review skills development practices in the industry sectors and identify to overcome deficiencies.
  •    Develop industry-specific skills development policies and practices.
  •    Develop industry‚Äôs capability to deliver in the skills training and upgrade their employees. in order to improve productivity and enhance the welfare of employees.
  •    Provide leadership and strategic advice to the TVET system on skill development needs and priorities for the industry sectors to cover by the council.
  •    Support the delivery of industry relevant training, or professional Development programs for supervisors and technical trainers.
  •    Contribute to the development of skills standards and qualifications and participates in the development and review of new training curriculum.
  •    Advise NSDA for skill demands in the industry sector.
  •    Advocate and facilitate workforce development activities.
  •    Develop sector for skills development plan as required on a regular basis.
  •    Support strengthening of industrial apprenticeship.
  •    Support strengthening of industrial WPL (workplace learning program).
  •    Develop a partnership with the training provider and support improvement of skills program in Training center, Ceramic institute, Industry and Enterprises.